Waking Up

Waking Up

If you view my previous blogs on this website, you will find that I have not posted anything new for a long while. During this hiatus I have been placing my focus on waking up from the illusion we call reality.

Although I have come to many insightful truths during my years of spiritual study, practice and meditation, I recognize that I have yet to fully awaken to the truth of my true being.  

“Who am I and What am I?”, have been the questions that still haunt me every day of my life.  Through some higher understanding beyond the mind, I know that I am not a mortal being that was born into a world that exists separate from myself.   My mind urges me to see other people as separate from me, but I somehow know this is not the truth.  Like a wave in the ocean each wave looks separate but, each wave is part of the ocean.   We are all part of something greater.  The mind cannot grasp this fact.  And if you have a strong mind that has been conditioned and trained to think otherwise, therein lies the problem of fully waking up. The mind must eventually fall into line with the Truth of who and what we are. 

Daily, I have been following the wisdom of the spiritual masters that have achieved self-realization.  They espouse that in order to wake up, the mind must learn to focus in a different way.   They teach that we must use the mind to begin to eliminate (as real) all that is transitory and perceptual.  One must place their focus on what is not us (Neti, Neti) and begin to discard all of these illusionary thoughts, ideas and perceptions.  They urge us to place our thoughts on the “I Am” of pure being.  They assure us that eventually through this process we will go beyond our mind, and we will awaken to the true Reality of our being.  Like a piece of fruit on a tree we will ripen and fall to the ground. We will realize our true being and wonder why we did not experience that simple fact before.   

As I ripen, I continue to make time to sit daily, meditate and focus upon my true being.  I witness my mind striving to hold onto what it has been conditioned to believe.  I make an effort to work daily on keeping my heart open to the Oneness that I am.  I remind myself from a higher place that I will awaken to the Truth suddenly.  Blessings.      










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